Our History

The Early Childhood Council has been in existence since 1997, and has evolved from a grassroots movement to an established 501(c)(3) with a staff of 12. Important milestones include:

1997 – ECCLC is one of 12 original Consolidated Child Care Pilots established by legislation (http://www.state.co.us/govdir/legdir/olls/sl1997/sl_220.htm) to help support and build local early childhood systems. Consolidated Child Care Pilot communities were not initially provided funding, but were granted the ability to wave state rules and regulations that created barriers to providing coordinated, comprehensive, seamless services.

2003 – ECCLC became an independent 501(c)(3) with a governing board.

2006 - Colorado passed HB 1062, which expanded Early Childhood Councils (http://www.cde.state.co.us/early/ECC.htm) statewide and provided on-going funding for ECCLC and other local Councils through a partnership between the Colorado Department of Human Services and the Colorado Department of Education