Expanding Quality for Infants & Toddlers (EQIT)

Expanding Quality for Infants and Toddlers (EQIT) is a 48-hour course designed to support individuals working with infants and toddlers. A strong focus on Reflective Practice using the respect, reflect, relate model and an emphasis on observing the experiences of the child is used throughout the course. These concepts are taught using small and large group activities and discussion.

Participants in the class have the option to participate in relationship and strengths based on on-site coaching using the RELATE model, a self-reflection and coaching tool that identifies the dimensions of quality practice for infants and toddlers.

To register, please contact Lauren Powers by email or by phone at (970) 377-3388 ext 202

For more information about the EQIT course, please contact Heather Soderberg by email or by phone at (970) 377-3388 ext 225